Diego D'ambra
Diego D'ambra

Diego d’Ambra

Co-Founder, IT-Entrepreneur, Software development Specialist and Investor


Diego has since his teenage years been fascinated by IT. This fascination has resulted in several tech startups where Diego’s primary role was and still is writing code, design solutions, large production environments and building tools used by the organisation – always with a focus on getting things completed!
Diego has a deep insight into the tools used by a software company – this to ensure reliable processes that helps code move from development, to tests and finally to products or services that can be sold. He has tried and verified knowledge on how to structure the development team and hire the right people as the company expand.


Investor & Software development, Mouseflow
Co-Founder, Offspring Capital ApS
CTO and Co-Founder, Panorama9
CTO and Co-Founder, Softscan